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TThank you for your interest in the subject of ladder safety. You can rest assured, because with STABILEIT, you'll always be on the safe side. The STABILEIT Ladder Safety Set ensures that you can safely climb up and down, as well as work on your aluminum ladders (according to EN 131). The set mounted on top of the ladder ensures a secure grip and also serves as a spacer for working comfortably at heights or corners.



has secure arguments!


What our customers say ...

Home-owner in Uster

"I have complete faith in STABILEIT: it is easy to mount and I am no longer afraid of falling, even when I have to climb over the edge of the roof on my ladder."

Home-owner in Wallisellen

"Thanks to STABILET, my ladder no longer slips on the roof gutter. I feel much safer when I have to clean my gutters."

Apartment owner from Zurich

"Ever since I installed two STABILEIT sets on my ladder, I feel secure enough that I now enjoy painting our apartment on my own!"

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